November 25, 2009

Asian Pear, Ginger and Bourbon Jam

I love working with asian pears. They stay crisp no matter what you do with them.  This jam makes for an enjoyable treat in the winter. A bit of crunch in a wonderful mix of honey, ginger and a hint of whiskey. As the honey and whiskey cook down the flavors mellow and infuse the pears. If possible give a small batch distillery a try. Here in Northwest DryFly, Rouge and Edgefield produce whiskey.

4 Asian pears, cored and chopped
2 T fresh ginger, grated
2 T candied ginger, chopped
1/2 c local honey
1 c Whiskey (local choices – DryFly, Rouge or Edgefield)

Mix and simmer until thickened.  About 30 mins.  Place in half pint jar and process for 15 mins.