November 3, 2010

Spicy Quince Pickles -

The inspiration for this recipe was all of the Spanish cooking that I have been doing for the last month (my community kitchen class).  I had a few quince left over from making the Membrillo. Since that is such a sweet preserve I decided to balance out with this spicy pickle.

5 medium size quince, sliced
2 onion, sliced
3 whole star anise
3-7 assorted chiles
4 c cider vinegar
2 c water
2 T salt
1/2 c brown sugar

Place the vinegar, water, salt, sugar and star anise in a large pot.  Bring to a boil.  When the sugar and salt are dissolved add the quince, onion and chiles.  Reduce to a simmer and cook until the quince is tender.  Place the quince, onions and chiles in pint jars.  Divide up the star anise so that there is at least 2 segments in each jar.  Cover with the brine and process for 15 mins.  Enjoy

Yield ~ 4 pints

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