April 23, 2010

Pear thyme butter

I decided to use my slow cooker to make this recipe. This had two benefits.  First, I placed the pears in the slow cooker in the morning before I left for work.  When I came home the pears were completely cooked down.  The second benefit was that I didn't need to add any additional liquids to help prevent scorching. I can definitely see using the slow cooker for making other butters and small batches of apple sauce.

I didn't bother to peel or seed the pears beforehand.  I ran the cooked pear through a sieve. This worked well and would work even better if I had a food mill. 

Pear Thyme Butter

3 lbs of pears, rough chopped
1 cup of honey
2 T of lemon thyme
2T of lemon juice

Place pears and honey in slow cooker.  Cook on low overnight or at least 8 hours. When the pears are completely soft run through a sieve or food mill.  Stir in thyme and lemon juice.  Place in half pint jars and process for 15 mins.

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